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Product Overview

ONYX Go Lite is a month-to-month, no contract industry leading ONYX RIP software solution. It includes:

  • 1 Active Printer
  • 2 Simultaneous RIP Processors (RIP Engine) for multiple file-handling
  • 1 Job Editor to edit and prepare files before printing 
  • Unlimited roll-to-roll cutter support

Need production or color management tools such as Bleed, Grommets, ICC profiling, Swatch Books and Media Manager? Try ONYX Go Plus.


 Operating System  Windows 11 Pro 64-Bit or Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
 Processor  Intel or AMD multi-core
 Memory  16GB minimum (32-64 recommended)
 Storage  250GB minimum
 Display   1240 x 1024 minimum
 Hardware  USB Ports, Ports for printers, cutters and color devices
 Power  Windows Power Setting set to High Performance